Podcast Sponsorship Marketing Services
D2C Ecommerce Brands, SaaS & Software, Entertainment & Health, Influencers Marketing

Curate Podcasts Lists

We build a curated list with the most relevant podcasts based on the advertising campaign audience details and the best industry standards in the specific business niche.

Customized Outreach & Relations Strategy

We gather all possible contacts, social networks & ranking accounts and try our best to establish long term relations: Outreach Report Example.

Marketplace Escrow Messaging, Feedback

We onboard the podcasters on the marketplace to list their ad sponsorships offers. Advertisers features: transactions escrow, all messaging at one place, sales & ad delivery reports.

Manually curated podcasts lists based on your audience requirements.

  • Contextual filtering by Category & Search Engine
  • Podcasts Audience & Analytics targeting
  • Manual Curation of the most Relevant Podcasts

Customized relations & communication strategy to establish your long term partnerships.

  • Utilize & Connect Hosts by all possible Channels
  • Customized A/B Messaging process
  • Campaign Communication management
  • Final podcasts Offers & Pricing report

Marketplace for advertising & sponsorships with escrow, messaging and feedback.

  • Browse among Thousands of Podcasters Offers & Pricing
  • All communications in a single messaging inbox
  • Transaction Escrow with buyer protection (Fiverr model)
  • Public Feedback per sale

Marketplace features

We've developed the most efficient podcasts marketplace infrastructure with detailed podcasts profiles with aggregated rankings, reviews and audience metrics.

Transaction Escrow

Stripe & Paypal

Direct Messaging

Podcasts Profiles

Ad/Sponsor Offers

Schedule Campaign

Ad/Sponsor Wizard

Country Targeting

Audience Targeting

Public Feedback

Podcasts Network

Growth Mindset University is where tomorrow's leaders learn the lessons they should have learned in school but didn't so that they can succeed in the progressive new age of business and life.

Your No 1 Games PodcastReinout te Brake

You will get the latest gaming news, game reviews, scoops and backgrounds, interviews with games experts. Topics like esports, streaming, publishing, development, funding, M&A, game marketing, and more!

La Manzana MordidaFernando del Moral

Podcast especializado en información sobre Apple. Cada día, de lunes a viernes comentamos las noticias mas importantes sobre la compañía de Cupertino y sus productos.

The Top One PercentTrevor Blattner

The Top 1% Podcast is the antidote to mediocrity. We live in a world where people are struggling, scraping, grinding, worrying, over-indulging, and over-medicating. “average” is suddenly acceptable.

The Mind Vibe PodcastDanielle Grant

The Mind Vibe Podcast is a must listen for anyone who is ready to move through their blocks, align with themselves + up level in life to live a purpose and passion filled life. Episodes Tuesday + Thursday.

Podcasts Relations Plans

Brands & M/Ad Agencies have the ability to communicate, buy and manage advertising & sponsorships directly with the podcast owners.
Single Campaign
3 Months+


$75 / monthly
  • Outreach to 10 Podcasts
  • 1 Curated Podcasts List
  • Outreach by email, website
  • Podcasts Offers & Pricing Report
  • Sales assistance
  • Escrow Verification
  • Marketplace orders at 10%


$1000 / monthly
  • Outreach to 200 Podcasts
  • Multiple Curated Podcasts Lists
  • Outreach by email, website, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube etc
  • Podcasts Offers & Pricing Report
  • Sales assistance
  • Escrow Verification
  • Marketplace orders at 6%

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What Podcasts Relations proposal includes:

✔ Qualified Podcasts Marketing Process

✔ Curated Podcasts Lists

✔ Customized Outreach & Relations Strategy

✔ Marketplace Escrow Messaging, Feedback

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